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Since our meeting with you and implementing the sales tips and key pointers you highlighted, Apex has experienced a significant transformation in our sales approach. The strategies and techniques you imparted have empowered our team to achieve our first quarter 2023 sales targets and goals. We are thrilled to announce that as a direct result of your training, we have been awarded over 10 construction contracts within a short period of time. Your seminar not only equipped our team with valuable knowledge, but it also instilled a clearer vision and a go-getter attitude within each individual in our team. Your ability to engage and inspire our sales force was truly remarkable, and the impact was tangible in their newfound confidence and drive to excel and close in on sales. Your genuine passion for sales and coaching is evident throughout the seminar. Your ability to connect with our team and tailor the training to our specific industry needs truly set you apart.


Apex Interiors Inc. proudly endorses Laurent Goldstein and his extraordinaire sales coaching and consulting services. Your seminar has not only provided immediate results for my organization but has also laid a solid foundation for long-term growth and success. We are confident that any organization that engages your services will benefit immensely from your services.


We extend our sincere gratitude for your invaluable contribution to our sales team's development and for helping Apex Interiors Inc. to reach new heights, we eagerly look forward to exploring further opportunities to collaborate with you in the future.

Harry Takhar

Apex Interiors Inc.

Chris Couzelis

Financial Advisor

“One of Laurent's most admirable business attibutes is his desire to make sure his customers get everything as promised. Laurent is one of those few business leaders who's passion for what he sells, exceeds your own expectations. If you have the opportunity to work with Laurent, don't pass it up."

Kori Handy

CEO & Founder Kepler Savings

"Laurent is a really talented individual with laser focus. The tenacity and work ethic Laurent displays on a daily bases is just incredible, true passion for helping businesses. I enjoyed helping Laurent with some design challenges, what a great person to work with. Challenge him to a game of table-tennis if you dare..."

Don Patterson

Director of Walking Around & Doing Nothing

“Laurent is a multi-talented individual with a very highly refined ability to communicate. He can communicate on any level. To meet is to immediately trust what he says. He Delivers."


“Laurent is a passionate and energetic sales mentor.  He brings with him such a wide breadth of experience that even the most experienced salesperson can learn something.  His approach is based in common sense and free of gimmicks.  It is obvious to me that Laurent takes pride in creating personal relationships with each member of our team to help them navigate through their own struggles and maximize their own strengths.  A true professional.”

Chris Graham, Sales Manager

Trailblazer RV


Don't let limiting beliefs hold you back, get empowered to perform at your best sales closing potential.


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